The most versatile document generator for Shopify orders.

And fulfillments.

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Incredibly easy.

Advanced features make it simple to create completely custom documents that display information from orders the way you want it to look.

No-code template creator

Compose templates that result in documents rich in relevant information simply by dragging and dropping elements of order data.

Documents of any size

Create documents as small as labels suitable for label printers all the way to full size papers spanning multiple pages with optional header and footer.

Print in bulk

Documents can generated right from your Shopify orders screen. Select one or more orders at a time. Effortlessly select orders and watch as our app creates polished documents in seconds.

It's all here.

A complete package for presenting your essential information.


Multiple data sources

Create documents for orders and fulfillments. Even each line item in an order or fulfilment can be a distinct document. Make a batch of documents for multiple orders or fulfillments at the same time.



Display currency and dates in the locale of your shop or your customer.


Line items

Show a table of line items of an order or fulfillment. Choose a variety of attributes like Item Name, Variant Name, Quantity, SKU, Prices, and more. Or use a Liquid template to output items in an order.

Maximum customization.

With optional Liquid templates.

Customer's message: {{ order.custom_attributes["Message"] }}
Customer's message:
Thinking of you and wishing you a happy day.

Liquid Templates

Create dynamic documents that are personalized for each order.

  • Full access to data available as Liquid template variables

  • Iterate through sets of data with loops

  • Branch with conditions based on order data

  • Complete roster of built-in Liquid filters

  • Documents can have many separate Liquid templates

-- Tags for order {{ }} -- {% for tag in order.tags %} {{ tag }} {% endfor %}

-- Tags for order #52615 --
Order tag 1
Order tag 2
Order tag 3

Your choice of data sources.

Create documents for not only orders and fulfillments, but also line items.

Shopify Order #52615


Jane Doe

Item Quantity SKU
Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds 3 WB-2023-BT
Smart LED Light Bulbs 8 SLB-5678-LED
Portable Espresso Maker 2 PEM-1234-ESP
Foldable Travel Backpack 12 FTB-7890-BP

4 line item documents

3 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Order #52615

Jane Doe

SKU: WB-2023-BT

8 Smart LED Light Bulbs

Order #52615

Jane Doe


2 Portable Espresso Maker

Order #52615

Jane Doe


12 Foldable Travel Backpack

Order #52615

Jane Doe

SKU: FTB-7890-BP


1 order document

Order #52615

Dear Jane,

Enclosed are the following items. Thanks for your order!

3 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds
8 Smart LED Light Bulbs
2 Portable Espresso Maker
12 Foldable Travel Backpack

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Simple pricing, for everyone.

Standard usage

Perfect for shops of all sizes.

$1.99 USD per month

  • Full integration with your Shopify store
  • Unlimited document templates
  • Create up to 10,000 documents per month
  • Make documents for orders, fulfillments, and line items
  • Optional use of Liquid template code
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Frequently asked questions

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    • Is a free trial available?

      Yes, Axios Order Printer offers a free trial period for new users. During this trial period, users are not charged for the first 14 days of using the app. It allows you to explore the features and functionality of Axios Order Printer without any financial commitment upfront.

    • Does Axios Order Printer directly print documents?

      No, Axios Order Printer does not directly print documents. Instead, it enables users to create PDF files that can be sent to their printer for printing.

      The app's primary function is to generate PDF documents with customized page dimensions, layouts, and content. Once the PDF is generated, you can use your preferred method to send the PDF file to your printer for physical printing.

      Axios Order Printer simplifies the process of creating well-formatted PDFs, allowing you to easily manage and print your documents with your chosen printer.

    • Can I also make labels for my direct thermal label printer?

      The app does allow you to configure the page dimensions of the PDF to match your specific label requirements.

      It is important to note that while most label printers support printing PDF documents, compatibility may vary depending on the specific make and model of your label printer. Please ensure that your label printer is capable of printing PDF files before using Axios Order Printer.

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